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About Fleet

FLEETS Service & Trading PLC (FST) is innovative fleets and resource Management Company in Ethiopia. It delivers tailored and hands on solutions to your resource and fleet management challenges. It enables you to focus on your core business by managing your fleet in a simple and effective way.

The innovative solution that we provide has real-time location information through Global Positioning System (GPS) and two way messaging. The application enables the user to see their vehicles on a web-based map, allowing them to zoom-in on individual vehicles, replay vehicle history, monitor activity and receive alerts in real-time. This can be achieved by using both the web and mobile application software.

The FLEETS solution enables customization that meets our client’s exact specification. This gives FLEETS the ability to deliver custom solutions that work for our clients’ needs.FLEETS  has established Strategic partnership as authorized distributor in Ethiopia of Omatics GPS that currently operating on three continents, exclusively positioned to provide a unified solution to multinational clients anywhere in the world

Omatics Solution Pvt. Ltd is a global information technology provider of products and services to the automotive and transportation sector. The Omatics team brings over 20+years of technology development experience and has built patented technology solutions.




FST Fleet Management Division is committed to the following principles:

  • To provide honest, responsive, effective and efficient fleet management services to our customers.
  • To maximize the return on investment (ROI), and the long-term value of the fleet investment.
  • To provide high quality internal and external services.
  • To know and respond to fleet customer desires, needs, and requirements.
  • To reinvest and reinvent to maintain the viability of the fleet management function.